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Barbie-wannabe Blondie Bennett is making her obsession with becoming doll a reality - using hypnotherapy to make her BRAINLESS. The 38-year-old. Real Life Doll Uses Hypnotherapy To Become Brainless SUBSCRIBE: BARBIE-obsessed Blondie Bennett is taking her. She's even going through online hypnotherapy to make herself a more like a 38-year-old Blondie Bennett from California has been obsessed with Barbie dolls.

Blondie bennett, @bustyfitdoll. Blondie 2.0 More Fake & Fit more to come That's a very hott #BabeWatch Bikini you have on Blondie. Blondie Bennett. 1.5K likes. Blondie Bennett's Official Facebook Page. Byline: Shari Low A MODEL called Blondie Bennett was in the headlines this week after she shared her crusade to become a living Barbie.

Bennett is so. Blondie Bennett, a 38-year-old Barbie doll wannabe who's had plastic bringing her cup size to a 32JJ, all paid for by “online sugar daddies.”. Blondie Bennett isn't satisfied by her balloon-like 30J cleavage. thesun. 19th November 2015, 9:50 pm. Updated: 6th April 2016, 4:27 am. Blondie Bennett, 38, from California, has sessions once a week to a living by taking money from online sugar daddies who support her in.

Barbie-obsessed Blondie Bennett has finally decided to seek some medical help. You may remember the 38-year-old Californian who has.